Hello and Welcome to Gift(ed)!

We are the global community of creative people eager to learn and to share ideas, knowledge, skills and talents to support greener low-carbon living, by reusing unwanted materials for new product development.

We see the possibilities in everyday life to create something beautiful, functional and of high value from things mostly seen as scraps, rags and leftovers from better things. Art is an universal language, artists are willing to share their techniques so everyone can create something amazing. Art also has no limits – no matter your age, gender, ethnicity or location – with a little bit of ideas and skills YOU can create. You are not alone here – we prepared some lessons, artists from our community are sharing their stories so you can get inspired. There are thousands, if not millions, of ways to transform trash into valuable, unique, high-quality professional gifts.

This is a space to share those ideas. Turn your hobby into a business or get inspired to start working with upcycling as a part of or as the mainstay of your business.

Join the platform today! https://landing.platformgifted.eu/

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