Delighted to share highlights from the inspiring event on November 30th in Kaunas!

The „Transformation Conference: Upcycler – A Shadow of the Past or a Profession of the Future?” was an incredible platform that delved into the world of item repair and transformation.

From exploring sustainability exemplars in Ireland to discussing the vital role of item repair and upcycling in national policies and education, the day was packed with invaluable insights. Virginija Vingrienė, representing the Aplinkos Ministerija, shed light on the national policy context for item repair and its environmental significance. Prof. Dr. Daiva Beržinskienė-Juozainienė of Kolpingo Kolegija delved into the potential of repair as a profession in the education sector. Jolita Šalkauskienė from Vilniaus Apskrities Atliekų Tvarkymo Centras urged us to consider empowering repair initiatives.

The sessions didn’t just stop at discussions; they sparked actionable dialogue:

🔹 Aušra Plaušinaitienė highlighted the potential of repair as a successful business niche with ReFurbas.

🔹 Vida Strasevičiūtė explored the business perspective of item repair and waste management with example from @‌Nareco.

The post-session discussions were equally dynamic, focusing on integrating repair programs into education, fostering collaborations between local entities, artisans, and waste management companies, and exploring financial incentives for item repair in Lithuania.

Kudos to all participants for their active involvement and to the organizers for curating such an impactful event! Let’s continue these conversations and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future! #TransformationConference #Sustainability #repairrevolution Aplinkos ministerija Kolpingo kolegija Erasmus+ Lietuvanareco