The Project Closing Event took place in the Švenčionys District Municipality

On October 9, 2023, the closing event of Project No. K2-O4-IP-V-018 occurred, during which the project implementers reviewed the project’s outcomes in the Švenčionys District Municipality. Project participants shared their impressions of participating in the project activities. Representatives from non-governmental organizations, the Švenčionys District Local Action Group „Švenčionys Partnership,” local communities, and youth expressed their opinions, insights, and aspirations in the discussion on Volunteering: a chance for youth to gain new skills or a waste of time?

The discussion was organized in the context of utilizing volunteering opportunities for the possible continuity of project activities (utilizing the financing offered by the European Solidarity Corps).

Project outcomes:

2 young people found employment.

The Švenčionys District Municipality’s summer employment and integration program for youth was examined, the youth’s needs were investigated, and official suggestions for improving the program were submitted to the administration of the Švenčionys District Municipality.

An application was submitted for funding from the Švenčionys District Municipality’s budget for non-governmental organization projects, and funding was obtained.

An application was submitted to the European Solidarity Corps. Awaited response.

The Švenčionys District Municipality approved the establishment of the Open Youth Centre in Švenčionys.

We express THANKS to the project participants, coordinators, and the Active Citizens Fund for providing the opportunity to realize the project idea and implement project activities.

For more information about the project activities:

The project is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.