Project „Empowered young people experiencing social exclusion in Anykščiai, Zarasai and Švenčionys district municipalities“

The project implementer, NGO Sustainable Development Projects, together with project partners, NGO Anykščiai Youth Entrepreneurship Center and Turmantas Russian Community Association, will carry out activities in the municipalities of Anyksciai, Zarasai, and Svencionys.

The aim of the project is to provide young people experiencing social exclusion with the necessary knowledge and skills to become full-fledged, entrepreneurial, and active citizens, and to help them develop and implement social business ideas in local communities.

The project objectives are: to select and gather socially excluded youth in project activities in the municipalities; to provide socially excluded youth with social skills and general abilities to be social, socially responsible, and civic-minded residents of the project municipalities; to develop the social entrepreneurship skills of socially excluded youth and help create and implement social innovations in local communities.

The first project information events will be held soon, providing detailed information on project activities and opportunities to participate in them!

More information about the upcoming project activities:

The project is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.