Interview with the project representative in Švenčionys district – Inga Varnienė!

We invite you to listen to a conversation with Inga Varniene, Youth Affairs Coordinator in the Švenčionys district!

Inga is the Project Representative in Švenčionys district municipality. In this meeting, she talks about working with unmotivated youth, the challenges and difficulties that arise, the meaning of this activity, and shares the implemented activities and participants’ impressions of the Project.

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The project aims to implement the social integration of young people experiencing social exclusion in Švenčionys district, Anykščiai district. and Zarasai district, to provide social integration services in order to reduce their social exclusion, restore favorable conditions for young people’s development, maturation, integration into local communities, provide assistance about their rights and other relevant information, develop young people’s social business skills and encourage them to realize their ideas, integrate young people into the active lives of local communities.

The project implementer, NGO Sustainable Development Projects, together with project partners, NGO Anykščiai Youth Entrepreneurship Center and Turmantas Russian Community Association, conducts activities in the municipalities of Anyksciai, Zarasai, and Svencionys.

More information about the upcoming project activities:

The project is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.